About Me

Advocacy Consultation and Representation for Special Needs Children and Adults.

About Me

Mr. Eisenberg has provided advocacy assistance and representation to over 1,000 families with special needs since 1984. He has represented families in the education process at Individual Education Planning meetings, Mediations, and Resolution meetings; Individual Program Planning meetings, Mediations, Informal Meetings and Fair Hearings for Regional Center services and Eligibility. He has facilitated workshops for support groups on special education issues and the Lanterman Act. He specializes in working with families using interest based negotiations in a non-adversarial relationship. Mr. Eisenberg is also a parent of special needs children.

He has a Masters in Management, a Bachelor of Arts in psychology, and a background of working with autistic children and adults as a behaviorist. He also has worked for two different Regional Centers and was an advocate for the Developmental Disabilities Area Board, a state agency under the State Council on Developmental Disabilities. He has experience in Alternative Dispute Resolution, Behavior Management & IEP Development.

“Paul’s knowledge of the special education processes, current interventions
available and interpretation of assessments helped guide our choices for our child.”

– Jeff and Laura Pratto