Advocacy Consultation and Representation for Special Needs Children and Adults.

As a former school psychologist and program specialist, I was always impressed with the professionalism and expertise that Paul demonstrated as he advocated for children and families. He always appeared to have the best interests of the student in mind as he served in the role of the educational advocate. Currently, I have a private practice as a Licensed Educational Psychologist and have worked with Paul on behalf of families he may be serving; I again am impressed with his sensitivity, knowledge, and interpersonal skills. He may be a hard and effective negotiator for parents, but he consistently shows respect for all those who care for the individual student. On a personal note, I have known Paul for over 20 years through mutual friends. He has a history of being respected in his community, personal life, and professional life. I feel honored to work with Paul, and anyone who uses his expertise and services will appreciate him as an outstanding educational advocate and as an admirable, caring individual!

Dr. Gayla M. Masse

South Coast Psychological & Educational Associates

Paul Eisenberg was the best thing that happened to us. He just knows what to say and do and get the things our kids need in a very nice and respectful way. We owe a lot to him and would recommend him highly to anyone needing an advocate.

Hilton and Elayne Blieden, Irvine CA

We consider our daughter to be not severely nor mildly impaired, so placing her in an appropriate educational setting is a challenge. Paul has been our advocate and mentor for over three years, we trust him to place our daughter’s needs first and to do so as a respected member of our daughter’s IEP team. We would highly recommend Paul to advocate for any child’s educational needs.

Kevin and Diane Verzani

My name is Kim and I am a single mom of 2 autistic children who works full time. I cannot begin to tell you how important Paul Eisenberg has been to us in finding the best education and therapies for both my children, Marya and Jackson. Paul’s social work background gives him a unique advantage when working with both the school district and Regional Center to maximize our services and find the best venues for both children. If it weren’t for Paul, I am certain that we would be floundering through bureaucracies, fighting for services and actually receiving much less. Paul is a great negotiator who is able to speak “the administration language” and can quickly cut to the chase – whether it is in IEP meetings, dispute resolutions or just general brainstorming. He has a wealth of knowledge and contacts in autism community and is as committed to my children as I am. He is a true ally in my quest for the best for my children, and I can unhesitatingly recommend him to anyone who wants the best for their children. I would be happy to discuss what he has done for us in more detail, just ask Paul to give you my contact number. He is worth every cent and much much more!


It was during a crisis that we called on Paul Eisenberg’s expertise and assistance. I had seen him at many disability law workshops affiliating with both parents and administators. He was well informed. Paul’s knowledge of the special education processes, current interventions available and interpretation of assessments helped guide our choices for our child. He confidently negotiated IEP’s and provided the steady leadership and compassion needed for consistent progress both for our child as well as for our family. We are truly grateful to Paul for bridging the gap from crisis to solid ground!

Jeff and Laura Pratto